Thousands of Holocaust survivors live the Holocaust every day, every minute.
They’ll never forget the historical facts they experienced firsthand.


“In the Holocaust I ate cow food …” Olga told us – this is a historical fact.

Olga is one of the thousands of Holocaust survivors we support.
One of the reasons for this support is that thousands of survivors have been unable to rebuild their lives after experiencing trauma.
These traumas – not fairy tales – are historical facts.


Our message to you, and to the world – We must not allow stakeholders to change the historical facts about the Holocaust we all know.

Those responsible for crimes against humanity cannot claim they have no responsibility for their actions.

Otherwise, no one will remember the Holocaust in a few years.


Please help us to preserve and protect these facts.

Thank you for responding, participating and helping us spread the history of Holocaust survivors.

Our social networks are updated daily these days under the phrase “No story, history”.


If you still don’t know us, visit the Chasdei Naomi website – you’ll find a lot of information about the association’s past 36 years there.

The association works for the welfare of the needy, the elderly, and Holocaust survivors.


Yours sincerely, Yosef Cohen, Chairman of Chasdei Naomi.

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