Elia and Sonia’s History: “In the war, there was nothing to eat, even now we have a small amount of food”


Sonia and Elia Voronchek are a couple of 94-year-old Holocaust survivors. They live in Israel in the city of Beit Shemesh, in a small apartment in sheltered housing. The couple earns a meager monthly allowance. The money they receive is not enough to survive in a dignified manner.

Today, Elia and Sonia are both sick people. Each has different medical issues.Elia uses a large amount of medicine. Their refrigerator is full of different medic pills.Some of their medicines are funded by the state, and some are not.Sonia has a problem with her legs, a kind of bone softness that prevents her from walking. She sits most of the day in a chair because they have no money for a wheelchair. The couple suffers from the disconnection of the electricity company because they don’t have enough money to pay the bill. In the winter, the apartment is freezing.There is no way to heat it. Their refrigerator is full! But with medicine.The couple has nothing to eat. Elia says: “In the war, there was nothing to eat! even now, we have a small amount of food.”

 Elia shares that Sonia, his wife, fell, and they had to go to the HMO, but they could not. Sonia cannot move around with the treadmill. She truly needs a wheelchair. Currently, arriving at the hospital is expensive due to the Corona plague. They only travel in taxis because of the fear of catching corona.


Elia and Sonia sought outside help so they could continue to live.The Chasdei Naomi organization heard the couple’s cry and rallied to improve the lives of these Holocaust survivors. So, they won’t have to deal with substandard conditions.

Sonia got a wheelchair that fits her needs. One of the honorable donors of the organization is paying their Electricity payments.The couple also received an electric radiator that will heat the house during the winter. Chasdei Naomi also takes care of their groceries and shopping vouchers.The unending tears of excitement gave us the strength to get up and keep doing good deeds even on the cold days!

Chasdei Naomi invites you to donate and be part of the association’s activities for Holocaust survivors.

More information about Chasdei Naomi here

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