“…Frida’s history: “Even today I have to survive


Frida, an 80-year-old Holocaust survivor, continues her life of survival even after surviving the Holocaust.

Frida exists on a meager pension and feels like she’s forced to choose between heating the house during the winter and food.

Unfortunately, the money she receives is not enough for both of them.

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The testimony of Frida:

Frida and her partner Yossi live in Jerusalem and earn a meager monthly income. Frida is an 80-year-old Holocaust survivor who feels that even today, after surviving the Holocaust, she is forced to survive in her everyday life. Frida’s heartbreaking story also reached Israeli television in a televised report.

Watch the article that broadcasted on the Israeli Channel 12.

Frida’s income corresponds to a small pension and an annual grant, as every Holocaust survivor is entitled. Her monthly income is not enough to survive. The expenses are very high, and the bills have increased over the years. The water, electricity, and property tax bills amount to almost half of the couple’s income. 

Financial expenses on food are minimal. Frida says they buy just what’s necessary, a single number of items. The costs of the drugs are also not small, although there are drugs that they get for free (which are the drugs prescribed by the authorities) the rest of the drugs they have to buy.

Frida says she has no choice but to choose how to divide her money. Food or heating or medicine.

The economic hardship in which Frida lives has brought her to a situation where she needs outside assistance to live with dignity. Frida has already survived the inferno of the Holocaust and doesn’t deserve to live in fear any longer. We need to help her live with dignity. The Chasdei Naomi organization, which supports and assists Holocaust survivors, has been mobilized to assist in the separation so that it will not have to choose between food and heating. The association took care of her monthly payment of electricity, food baskets, shopping vouchers, and winter kits.

Frida is one of the thousands of Holocaust survivors living on a meager monthly income that does not allow them to live with dignity. The sense of survival in the lives of Holocaust survivors should be left behind. They deserve to live peacefully today.

We must NOT forget the Holocaust! Especially the people who had to live during it and survive it.

Chasdei Naomi supports and helps many Holocaust survivors to live in peace. The association’s activities are carried out thanks to the contributions of the general public. The association is currently working to warm up Holocaust survivors in the winter.

Chasdei Naomi wants not to forget the Holocaust survivors and help and support them.

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