“Haim Margolis’ History: I eat so I will not die


Haim Margolis, an 87-year-old Holocaust survivor, lives in a small, neglected Amidar apartment. He lost his wife several years ago and has since faced countless difficulties. The meager allowance is not enough for his existence. It is also difficult for him to clean. Therefore the apartment is neglected and dirty.He suffers from loneliness. In the video attached, Haim picks up his dog and says: “This is my family.”

The children grew up and left home. Rachel died, and Haim was left alone. He cared for his sick wife alone and with devotion, “60 years we went hand in hand,” Margolis recounts. Their love is also evident in the pictures hanging on the walls.Since his wife, the light of his life has gone out, it has been in a daily existential struggle.

Margolis contrived to live on a meager pension that does not cover his regular expenses – electricity and water bills, rent, medicine, and the little food he consumes.Haim Margolis eats only ground and crushed food because he has no teeth.He is dealing with knee pain, and because of his age, he cannot undergo dedicated surgery.He also needs glasses, but he has no money to buy them. Haim says: “I do not eat to live- I eat so I will not die.”

Haim Margolis faces many difficulties, but the main issue is loneliness. “I’m alone. I have no one,” he repeats.To deal with his loneliness Haim volunteers and helps others while he needs help.


Today, Haim received assistance from the Chasdei Naomi association and took him under their auspices. Chasdei Naomi assists Margolis by helping him with electricity payments, food baskets, shopping vouchers, and heating equipment in the winter that included a new electric radiator.Haim appreciated the association’s assistance and became the oldest volunteer of Chasdei Naomi!

Chasdei Naomi organization supports and assists thousands of Holocaust survivors. We invite you to donate and help it continue its activities for Holocaust survivors.

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