“Nina’s History: “There is a medical device that can help me but I have no money


Nina, an 84-year-old Holocaust survivor, is very ill.  Nina was a little girl during the Holocaust. She was only 4-and a half years old. Nina refuses to talk about this dark period in her life. But she tells us about her life today. Her financial condition is sorrowful, so she has to give up many things because she does not own enough money.

Like many other Holocaust survivors, Nina endures on the small budget she receives from the government. This budget is not enough.  Nina’s expenses are very high. She has to calculate all her outcomes very carefully. That’s the reason she remembers the exact price of each medicine she has to pay.  The prices she pays for trips to the hospital are high because she cannot use public transportation because of her health condition. The expenses are growing but her income is not changing.


Nina is very ill. She’s undergoing mammography and ultrasound, also has water in both of her lungs, she suffers from knee and eye issues.  She says: “I have to choose between food and medicine. It’s a difficult decision.” Nina underwent knee surgery but the surgery failed. She uses a treadmill while walking, but she dreams of a device that should help her knee problem. She whispers: “There is a medical device that can help me but I have no money.”


Her family’s dream was to immigrate to Israel. In the Soviet Union, while she and her family lived there, it was forbidden to say the word: “Israel” out loud. Nina fulfilled her family’s dream and immigrated to Israel.  She repeats: “I am feeling lucky  in Israel. We have organizations and associations here that take care of Holocaust survivors.” Nina addresses the public and says thank you. Thank goodness some good people donate money to organizations that care about the people in their situation.

The Chasdei Naomi organization, which supports Holocaust survivors, helped Nina achieve what she wanted. The association purchased for Nina the medical device that helps her knees. This is in addition to the assistance she received in food baskets and shopping vouchers. Chasdei Naomi assists thousands of Holocaust survivors and helps them in all areas.


Chasdei Naomi invites you to donate and help her support Holocaust survivors.

More information about Chasdei Naomi here

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