Olga’s History: “During the Holocaust, I ate cow food, but at least I ate”


Olga went through all the horrors of the Holocaust. She looks at her old photo album, and the memories flood her, as well as the anxieties and nightmares. The photos on the album are the only commemoration of her family. Olga’s entire family perished in the Holocaust. She left with only the decorations of honor she received during the war. Olga says: “in the Holocaust, I ate cow food, but at least I ate.”

After many years, Olga and Siliev immigrated to Israel, to the city of Ramla. Today she lives in a ruined, broken apartment with no minimal conditions. In the neglected apartment, 94-year-old Olga lives with her 60-year-old son. Olga is taking care of her mentally ill son alone. 

Olga is not healthy herself- her body is no longer what it used to be. Olga has been hospitalized several times due to malnutrition and has reached conditions of low hemoglobin. All because she has no teeth to eat to get stronger. The money she receives is not enough for dental care either, it is a luxury for her.

The Chasdei Naomi organization donated to her and helped her renovate the house for a total of 20,000 NIS and monthly support of 1,500 NIS. Of course, this is in addition to the assistance she receives from the association in groceries, frozen meats, and purchase vouchers that she received in the past and continues to receive today. Recently Olga was hospitalized again for a long time in the hospital.

A dear donor of the association heard Olga’s story and felt her pain. He chose to give Olga new teeth. After several long treatments, Olga got her teeth at age 94 after many years of not having teeth at all.  Today you can see the 94-year-old Holocaust survivor Olga, with her back straight and a smile of victory (full of teeth) on her face!

The Chasdei Naomi organization sincerely thanks the dear donor who helped Olga.The association helps and assists thousands of Holocaust survivors. Chasdei Naomi invites you to donate so that the association will continue to operate and support Holocaust survivors.

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