Uri’s History: “My mother dragged the dead and frozen bodies over me and took me out of the gravel pit”


Dr. Uri Edelman is an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor. He remembers well the execution from which he miraculously survived. Uri describes in great detail that horrifying day, even though he was only 3- years old in the Holocaust. “You can not forget such a thing,” he says.

Uri Edelman, a Holocaust survivor, remembers well the horrific day of the execution. He was then only three years old. “One Jew stole a slice of bread, and that’s how the Germans found me,” says Edelman. One of the German soldiers tried to shoot him, but the officer stopped him. Uri says that the officer told the soldier: “killing a baby in front of a firing squad will scare the Jews more.” When he was a three-year-old boy, he stood in front of a firing squad and waited for his death. The officer ordered his soldiers, and the shootings began. Thanks to the fact he was a young and short boy, no bullet hit him directly.

Edelman was only scratched in the head during the shooting, fainted, and fell into the mass grave that had been dug earlier. At night his mother snuck into the pit and searched for the body. He regained consciousness when he heard her voice. His mother dragged the dead and frozen bodies over him and thus took him out of the gravel pit.

Edelman lives in Israel today in a small apartment, alone.  Uri exists like many Holocaust survivors, from an annuity and an annual grant, to which he is entitled as a Holocaust survivor.  His apartment is full of things. Uri stores everything he owns because he fears he will lack and have nothing to eat. Because of the things he hoarded, vegetables and fruits – some of them started to rot, food for the most part expired, newspapers, and clothes. The equipment he owns in his apartment is old and unfit for use.  He has an old bed, without bedding, covered with old rags.  Shockingly, this is how a Holocaust survivor lives!

Unfortunately, many adults are easy prey for deception. Uri Edelman was one of those stung adults. Edelman, a Holocaust survivor, was stung by a contractor who promised him two apartments instead of his old apartment. Uri believed the contractor and left with nothing.

Chasdei Naomi organization that supports Holocaust survivors and needy elderly; heard about Edelman’s case and decided to help him.  Public donations helped fund a lawyer for Dr. Uri Edelman.  Uri received an apartment, assistance in closing debts, and financial assistance in publishing a book he authored. Dr. Edelman so appreciated the help of Chasdei Naomi and decided to volunteer for the association by helping pack food baskets.

Chasdei Naomi supports thousands of Holocaust survivors. 

We invite you to donate and help the organization, so we’ll continue to help Holocaust survivors.

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