Zenobi’s History: “We are freezing to death”


Zenobi Rabinovich, a Holocaust survivor, married Lydia. The couple lives on a meager pension that they receive from Social Security. Zenobi was a professor of electrical engineering in Russia. In Israel, he worked as an electrician but he does not receive a pension. Lydia worked as a pianist until Corona. Due to the plague and her health condition, she no longer works. Therefore, the couple found themselves in a difficult financial situation.

Zenobi Rabinovich is a cancer patient with a pacemaker who has undergone numerous surgeries.  He lives with his wife, Lydia. His wife has severe arthritis.The couple lives in a small apartment in Jerusalem. Together, they receive a meager pension from the National Insurance Institute, from which they try to survive. Only on the rent do they pay more than half of the allowance. “What’s left, we live … exist,” says Lydia.

The money they receive is not enough for basic products. The couple had to give up medicines because they were expensive and not subsidized. They say they think several times about whether to buy something new. “I need new shoes, hesitating if I can afford them.” The allowance is not enough to exist minimally.

In the cold winter in Jerusalem, bones penetrate, the temperatures reach low degrees. During an interview, Lydia says: “My dream is an air conditioner in the house” and shows all the layers she wears. 4 shirts on top of each other. That’s shocking how she has to dress in her own home! The couple does not have enough money to buy heating means to heat their apartment. They use a small heat spreader. Exist with what they have.

Chasdei Naomi, which supports thousands of Holocaust survivors, also helped Lydia and Zanobi. The couple’s dream came true, and they got an air conditioner. One of the donors to the association asked to pay their electricity bills. The association also provided them with food baskets, shopping vouchers, and winter kits.


The Chasdei Naomi organization has embarked on a unique winter project, distributing warm equipment to thousands of Holocaust survivors! The winter kits that the association distributes to Holocaust survivors include a blanket, a scarf, hat, and gloves.  To this kit are also added warm clothing and an electric radiator.

The association has set a goal of NOT allowing any Holocaust survivors and elderly to freeze cold during the winter.

The association’s activities are carried out thanks to public donations. Chasdei Naomi invites you to donate and be a part of its meaningful activities for Holocaust survivors.

More information about Chasdei Naomi here

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